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Department of Information Systems
Department of Information Systems  

The academic interests of the Department of Information Systems (DIS)are related to the adoption and use of information technology (IT) in organizations and society. They address two concerns: (1) those related to the development and improvement of socio-technical units (work units, processes, organizations, businesses, society sectors); (2) those related to the construction of IT applications capable of addressing the needs of the contexts where they will be used or to enable new forms of setting up work structures.

In order to accomplish its academic mission the DIS combines academic approaches adequate to the socio-technical nature of its interests. On one hand the technological approaches associated to the development of IT products. On the other hand the approaches adequate to deal with the human and social facets inherent to the study and interventions in phenomena where humans are central.
The portfolio of educational offer promoted by the DIS in the information systems and technologies (IST) area – TSI@UMinho, http://tsiuminho.dsi.uminho.pt/ – covers all levels of higher education.
Initial training of IST professionals is achieved through the integrated Master in Engineering and Management of Information Systems. This program has its roots in an early program created in 1990. Challenges from keeping up with constant evolution of IST professional training and the demands of adjusting higher education programs to the new principles and rules for higher education have been addressed through several changes in the program structure.
Besides this IST initial training program, the TSI@UMinho portfolio also includes the following programs:
The DSI's academic interests and competences serve other areas. DIS is responsible for teaching several courses that are part of the curricula of several UMinho programs and is also a co-promoter of programs such as:
Research & Development
R&D activities are central to the university vision assumed by the UMinho, the EEUM and the DIS. Therefore it is a DIS concern to ensure that there are R&D programs that address the development of the IST body of knowledge and the application of this knowledge to whatever problems and situations where it might be beneficial.
The DIS is the main promoter of the IST R&G group at Algoritmi Centre and it is the co-promoter of other groups in that R&D centre.
The R&D activities in IST encompass a broad range of research topics and problems, such as:
  • Studies of phenomena related to the adoption and use of IT;
  • Studies of phenomena that involvethe use of information;
  • Studies of IT impact on organizations and society;
  • Development of methodologies and tools to support organizational intervention activities;
  • Studies and experiments of IT tools to support different activities with special emphasis on knowledge work;
  • Development of innovative IT products based upon emergent technologies.
The following R&D areas have been focus of special attention from DIS researchers: IS development and requirements engineering; IS/IT management (with special emphasis on IS planning and IS/IT services outsourcing); knowledge management and organizational learning; business intelligence; e-government; information society; information services; e-learning; software process management; graphic computing; pervasive computing and mobile services; IS security.
The DIS has around 35 faculty members. More than 80% of them hold a doctoral degree. Some of the faculty, collaborating with the department in a part time basis, are recruited among reputed IST professionals. DIS has also 6 collaborators performing administrative and technical duties.
The department aims at providing a rich and challenging environment for teaching and research. Cultural diversity is viewed as an asset. Creativity and innovation are valued as crucial to the department’s academic mission.
The department is installed in modern facilities, adequate to the fulfilment of its mission.
Providing services to the community is viewed as an important academic activity as it is an opportunity to contact with real world situations that constitute potential R&D cases. This is particularly relevant due to the fact that the nature of most problems addressed in the IST area does not allow their study in laboratorial settings.
Director: Prof. Henrique Santos
Telephone: + 351 253 510 319
Fax: + 351 253 510 300
Escola de Engenharia da Universidade do Minho
Departamento de Sistemas de Informação
4800-058 Guimarães
More information:www.dsi.uminho.pt

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