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Interface​​ Units

The cooperation between the School and local, national and foreign industries, local authorities, and public and private entities is usually developed through direct contact with Research and Development (R&D) groups of research centres and public or private interface organisations. The School of Engineering keeps this type of activity in high priority, which allows ensuring an understanding of the evolution of social needs, integrating graduates in business and selecting relevant national development topics to research.

This activity covers testing and consulting, audits, research and development aimed at the development of products or technologies, technology transfer, or intensive training programmes. The creation of R&D companies located on campus and cooperating with industrial and development sectors of national and international prestige is now materialised in four reference institutions:

The Centre for Computer Graphics (CC​G): develops activities related to applied research and development in the fields of computer graphics, information technology, communications and electronics and its applications.

The Pole for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (PIEP): develops and supports the creation of innovative products, processing technologies and production tools. Likewise it enables knowledge transfer from activities in partnership with the industry in the field of polymers engineering and composites.​

The Centre for Waste Valorisation (CVR): provides research services, scientific analysis and implementation of real solutions in the field of waste recovery and valorisation.

TecMinho - Association for University-Industry Development: supports the development of new technologies/products/processes, education and training, organisational development, support to academic entrepreneurship and the creation of innovative companies, with emphasis on academic spin-offs.