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The ENGIUM - Engenharia e Inovação na Universidade do Minho​ is intended as a key element of communication of EEUM's scientific activity, presenting the research centres, their work, the develop projects and how their activity contributes to create solutions to problems and challenges of today's society. 

the magazine is a central element in the internal and external communication of the activities of EEUM and contributes to a higher interaction between the different areas of Engineering and, as such, to the growth of the school. 

The first edition, published in 2008, consisted of an on-line magazine with submission of scientific papers.The magazine was relaunched with a second edition, published in 2012, in which the editorial board of ENGIUM sought to challenge the research centres to produce a magazine that would bring together the main results of their activities. The new edition of ENGIUM managed to distinguished from the previous due to its structure and to the areas that includes in each of the numbers. 

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