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​2nd Cycle (MSc)

Master's in Engineering and Operations Management
Master's in Bioinformatics
Master's in Biomedical Engineering
Master's in Biotechnology
Master's in Building Information Modelling - BIM A+ (European Master)
Master's in Chemical and Biological Engineering
Master's in Civil Engineering
Master's in Design and Marketing of Textile Products, Apparel and Accessories
Master's in Engineering and Management of Information Systems
Master's in Engineering and Quality Management
Master's in Engineering of Computer Networks and Telematic Services
Master's in Engineering Physics
Master's in Engineering Project Management
Master's in Fashion Design and Communication
Master's in Food Science and Technology
Master's in Human Engineering
Master's in Industrial Electronics and Computers Engineering
Master's in Industrial Engineering - [The 1st year of the cycle of studies is not offered in 2021/2022]
Master's in Industrial Engineering and Management
Master's in Informatics Engineering
Master's in Information Systems
Master's in Interactive Technologies
Master's in Materials Engineering
Master's in Mechanical Engineering
Master's in Mechatronics Engineering
Master's in Micro/Nano Technologies
Master's in Polymer Engineering
Master's in Product Engineering
Master's in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Construction (European Master)
Master's in Structural Engineering
Master's in Sustainable Built Environment
Master's in Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation
Master's in Systems Engineering
Master's in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering
Master's in Textile Engineering
Master's in Urban Engineering

The Income Share Agreement FJN (ISA FJN) program is open to students enrolled in the following master's degree programs: Systems Engineering, Network Engineering and Telematics Services, Product Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Bioinformatics, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Micro/Nano Technologies.


Courses taught in English language:

  • Sustainable Built Environment
  • Building Information Modelling - BIM A+
  • Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Construction

All other courses are taught in Portuguese language