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The university sports is one of the strong identity brands of the University of Minho.

Regular participation in sports activities is essential to the all-round training of higher education students, it promotes socialisation, problem solving skills, team spirit, diversity, equity, excellence, among others.

At the UMinho, the mission of the Sports and Cultural Department (DDC) of the Social Services is to promote sports and cultural practices in the areas of recreation and sporting competition, with the academic community (students and staffs), providing conditions for democratic access such as the participation in a learning environment open to the community, health and excellence. At the sports facilities of the UMinho, the SASUM have an offer of about 70 activities in various sports halls in Braga and Guimarães. Furthermore, there are approximately 150 events and sport organisations of competitive, recreational and cultural nature.

The University of Minho is an institution of sports champions who are yearly awarded medals in different sports. UMinho was considered the second best European university in sports in 2015 ranking awarded by the European University Sports Association (EUSA). UMinho was also the institution with the largest number of athletes at the European Universities Championships 2015. In 2013, UMinho had already been awarded with the first place in this ranking, after reaching three consecutive podiums in previous years.

This leadership rewards the collective work of the university and the AAUM (Students' Union) in this area.


Ana Luís Afonso Martins

I have been practising volleyball for 10 years at the Sporting Clube de Braga. At the time when I had to make a transition to higher education, the possibility of combining academic life and sports was definitely one of the main criteria influencing my decision. I chose the University of Minho as university sports is one of its main identity traits. The UMinho encourages sports and impulses students to adequately balance a dual career. As far as the master programme is concerned, I am now certain I wouldn’t have chosen any other way. Apart from being my main interest area, it is great to know that I can count on the support of the School of Engineering and of all professors to help me achieve my goal, both sports wise and academic.

2nd year, Integrated Master Programme in Industrial Management and Engineering (MIEGI) 2015/2016


André Coelho

My club always had a good relationship with the University of Minho and that was clearly an advantage. If this was not the case, I wouldn’t have chosen this university. It is not easy to combine sports and study. However, the allowed flexibility concerning sports practices and final exams calendar is a valuable asset. As far as I am concerned, the University of Minho is the best university in the country. It is renowned not only for its education by also for sports. The UMinho is the best Portuguese higher education institution in university sports. Particularly in futsal, we will now compete for the European championship. The opportunity to play outside our country and get to know other countries, like I did last year in Poland, representing UMinho, is an attractive factor for any student. There are many benefits!

5th year, Integrated Master Programme in Civil Engineering (MIEC) 2015/2016