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​Prospective Students

During each academic year, the EEUM organizes its own initiatives and also participates in UMinho’s general activities, targeting students and teachers of elementary and high schools aiming to raise awareness of its education and research activities. These activities cover different areas of knowledge and seek to show the students what it is like to study and live at the UMinho.

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Week of the School of Engineering

The Week of the School of Engineering takes place annually, in the end of January. The event includes the Open Days for Secondary Schools, an initiative during which students visit the EEUM’s different departments and are familiarised with each of the scientific areas. Information sessions are also planned for psychologists, guidance counsellors and parents.

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4U Minho – Education and Training Fair

The University of Minho, in partnership with Braga, Guimarães, Barcelos and Famalicão Municipalities, promotes annually an Education and Training Fair. The first edition took place in Braga, in March 2015, and the second edition was held in April 2016 in Guimarães. The main goals are: promoting the educational offer from education institutions in the region; providing families and potential students with detailed information on possible education paths and strengthening the relationship between schools from Braga and Viana do Castelo districts.

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“Best students at the University of Minho” Programme

The programme “Best students at the University of Minho” is an initiative aimed for secondary school students from the Braga district which have obtained the highest classification marks in the previous academic year. The programme takes place during Easter break, between second and third academic terms. Students are divided by the several scientific areas, according to their area of choice, and participate in specific tutoring sessions and research teams’ activities in the framework of the several knowledge areas focused by UMinho.

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“Verão no Campus” (Summer at Campus) Programme

The “Verão no Campus” (Summer at Campus) Programme was developed aiming at promoting culture, science and art amongst youth and also at helping young students which intend to access higher education with choosing an area of studies. The “Verão no Campus” takes place in July, in Braga and Guimarães. This initiative aims at constituting not only a learning activity for young secondary school students, but also promoting team work spirit and mutual trust, through pedagogical, leisure and cultural activities organized in an academic environment. Participants are accompanied by university’s professors, researchers and students during all tasks – “UMinho godparents”.

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