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Project's name: PROTACTICAL - Interactive and Multifunctional Personal Protective Equipment for firefighters in urban fire scenarios 

Design, develop and manufacture a smart and innovative Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for urban firefighters using industrial techniques/technologies was the main goal of the PROTACTICAL project. The adopted approach, which combined the research knowledge and expertise in embedded systems and textile-based wearable technologies from UMinho, allowed the team to conceive a technologically advanced industrial prototype, with functionalities associated with comfort (thermo-physiological and ergonomic) and performance (protection and safety) higher than the existing equipment. The interactive PPE prototype constitutes an anchor-product which will allow Latino to strengthen its position in a strategic market at European level. Modularity, energy autonomy and non-intrusive character of the developed solutions for monitoring environmental and user conditions will also allow customising the PPE according to each user’s specific needs.

Starting date: July 2012

Completion date: June 2015

Budget: 679.816,00€


UMinho (2C2T/ALGORITMI): Ana Maria Rocha, André Catarino, Hélder Carvalho, João L. Monteiro, Jorge Cabral
Latino: Clementina Freitas, Manuel Cruz

Consortium: 2C2T (EEUM), ALGORITMI (EEUM), Latino Confeções, Lda