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​​Curriculum Development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - DS&AI

Under coordenation of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), the project Curriculum Development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence / DS&AI will be run by a consortium of 15 partner entities with a total funding of around 1 million euros. The project, starting in November 2018 and ending in November 2021, is part of Key Action 2 of the Erasmus + Program: Capacity Building in the field of higher education.

The project is mainly proposed to enhance the competences in Data Science (DS) e Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the partners High Education Institutions, namely Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, through development of new curricula, namely the creation of a Masters program in the area of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The project also intends to develop other tailor-made courses on the subject to cover immediate personnel training needs of local and regional business, as well as to promote cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between the Institutions of Higher Education Partners.

The UMinho's research team includes also Algoritmi Centre of EEUM researchers João L. Monteiro, Adriano Tavares e Maribel Santos, Jorge Cabral, Tiago Gomes e Sandro Pinto. The Internationalization Office of EEUM is also part of the project, representing UMinho on Quality Board.

UMinho, with a budget of around 70,000 euros, leads the Work Package 3: Academic Staff Training and preparation for delivery, whose main activities are "training of teaching and non-teaching staff responsible for the master's degree in DS & AI, including visits to European HEI for training and intensive online courses. UMinho will also lead the activity related to the creation and establishment of the Data Science Laboratories in partner countries, as well as the planning of the curricular internship program, which will be developed in the master course", according to the Researcher Responsible, João L .

The consortium is constituted by 12 universities, 3 from Thailand, 3 from Indonesia, 2 from Sri Lanka, 1 from Greece and 1 from Netherlands, apart from the UMinho. Three Greek companies are also partners.​