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​Focusing Education on Composability, Comprehensibility and Correctness of Working Software

The European project Focusing Education on Composability, Comprehensibility and Correctness of Working Software, coordinated by Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, is a strategic partnership project carried out by EEUM researchers, in collaboration with 8 more partners from Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania.

This project facilitated the development of innovative practices in education and training, and the transfer of knowledge between partner countries, supporting the development of content, pedagogies and practices in the area of Information and Computer Technologies. Through the organization of various training courses, including teacher trainings and summer schools, it was allowed to practice and teach computer science more efficiently.

According to recent research, in the next years there will be an increasing number of jobs opened for programmers and program designers in the Central Europe area and the neighboring countries. Therefore, the research team argues that computer science, especially functional programming and software technologies, should have an emphasized role in higher education. The Focusing Education on Composability, Comprehensibility and Correctness of Working Software addresses the needs of students and professors to obtain knowledge from highly regarded professionals and researchers in an international environment, in order to increase their competitiveness in research and industry.

In a first phase, the training provided teachers in the programming area with new gadgets and tools, which allows them to provide more personalized guidance to students. In the second teacher training, were presented topics in the area of computer science, as well as the presentation of good practices of the host universities and provided the participants with new innovative techniques of preparation of summer schools.

"Two important results achieved with this project were the completion of two schools for graduate students CEFP (Central European School on Functional Programming), in 2018 (Kosice) and 2019 (Budapest), where 20 graduate students from the UMinho participated", says João Saraiva, researcher of the project. The tutorials presented at this school were carried out by members of the consortium, including João Saraiva, and allowed to define various collaborations in scientific and pedagogical terms, among the members of the network.

Started in September 2017 and concluded in August 2019, the team included João Saraiva, Professor of the Department of Informatics and researcher at HAsLab - High-Assurance Software Laboratory.