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​Student Groups

​The Student Groups, usually organized by subject areas, aim at representing the students of the programmes to which they are associated, promote discussion and dissemination of relevant topics for the programme and organise events, both academic, scientific and cultural.


Associação de Estudantes de Engenharia Civil da Universidade do Minho

The great objective of this Association is to add a practical component and a work context to the course of Civil Engineering. As stated by Gabriel Sousa, the President: “Here we receive very good preparation, but the activities we propose are intended to put students into practice and understand what enterprises look for in students”. Thus the Association seeks to be in permanent contact with the construction industry, structures and enterprises with environmental concerns through field trips.

The Civil Engineering Seminars, in the framework of the Civil Engineering Department Week, are the big event of this Association besides its participation in the National Students Meeting. These two activities are considered to be a great training oportunity and networking by the Association.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Sistemas de Informação da Universidade do Minho

It is not its few years of existence which lead the pathway of the Information Systems Students Association and the TSI.2Market, thegreat activity developed by this Association, is proof of it. In an annual event, which looks forward to connecting students to the labor market, workshops, challenges, theme sessions and networking will be promoted, boosting contacts with the best information-technologies-related companies.

In its last edition, the Association decided to innovate with the TechPaper: “Based on the peddypaper game, we transformed this type of challenge into a technologic one. In order to tabulate contestants before the jury panel, the participants must contact five enterprises”, says José Correia, President. The objective? To motivate all students to break ice and talk to the enterprises present at the event.

“First from the outside and then from the inside. Although we prepared lots of attractive activities for students, we saw few people during the activities”. The Association reacted and, through social networks and more attractive interactive activities, managed to change the paradigm.

The students’ success is the main goal of this Association. By organizing other trainings, the Association intends to reach the students’ areas of interest. “The Association also collects students’ opinions and even classifications in order to focus workshops towards certain areas in which they show more difficulties”, stated the Association President.

ASQ University Minho Portugal Student Branch

The ASQ Student Branch UMinho represents students interested in the quality field and all students involved in quality research projects. This association was established in 2016 and it is the second student Branch of ASQ in Europe and the first one in Portugal. The aim is to promote quality through the organization of several activities and events.

Contact us, join us and follow our activities!

"Quality is at UMinho!"

Centro de Estudantes de Engenharia Informática da Universidade do Minho

Established for more than 20 years, the Students Centre of Systems and Computing Engineering of the University of Minho is the oldest association in the history of the School of Engineering. The Computing Engineering Week is the ex libris of the Cesium when, for a week, students can attend workshops, training sessions and challenging computing contests. Challenge is truly the watchword of this Students’ Association. The Hackathon HeartBits, a 24-hour long contest, or the Code Week, an event devoted to hacker culture are other activities focused in students.

Being comprehensive the course provides the Association with the opportunity to organise training in different areas from the very moment students enrol, as stated by the Association President, Martinho Aragão. Thus programming languages as well as soft-skills are the most valued recurrent themes.

Grupo de Alunos de Engenharia Biomédica

“The first difficulty we feel new students experience, and also because we also experienced it, is to decide which area they must choose”. Once this first problem is identified, the Association enters the new students’ academic life, states Alexandrine Ribeiro, President. It is through social meetings and workshops that the Association tries to show new students the areas of activity related to Biomedical Engineering helping them to choose not only the most adequate curricular units, but also their future.

The Association goes on accompanying students’ growth with activities that allow them to clarify doubts, complement their training and share experiences. The three-day Biomedical Engineering Seminars are a big event organised by GAEB in which students are able to contact the area of studies, learn, exchange experiences and clarify doubts with professionals, alumni and enterprises. The Job Fair, first organised in 2016, offers a thousand opportunities and the first contact with real world.

IEEE UMinho Student Branch

O IEEE UMinho Student Branch foi criado em 1996, inserida no Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, uma sociedade internacional de índole técnico e profissional. Recentemente organizaram o Leadership Camp, um convívio que contou com a presença de vários membros de todo o país, para desenvolverem as suas capacidades de gestão, liderança e comunicação. O próximo projeto consiste na reativação e dinamização do grupo de afinidade “Women in Engineering”, um grupo destinado a mulheres engenheiras onde partilham conhecimentos e competências nas várias áreas de estudo, com vista a elaborar projetos em favor da humanidade.

Para Ana Rita Martins, Presidente do IEEE UMinho, as atividades desenvolvidas pretendem ajudar os alunos a desenvolverem soft-skills, competências cada vez mais valorizadas pelas empresas e garante que “durante os cinco anos do curso temos oportunidade de aprender muito mais do que aquilo que nos ensinam na sala de aula”.

Núcleo de Alunos de Engenharia Mecânica da Universidade do Minho

Representing the students from the Mechanical Engineering area, their training and success is the big goal of this Association. According to Renato Costa, President, “at this moment, all students know about the Association and the people in it, including faculty, which allowed us to get closer to students. Thus, organizing trainings, workshops and recreation activities is a constant. The big objective is to complement the theory learnt in class and to develop “a more practical component in a personalized context”, besides soft-skills, underlines Renato.

Mechanical Engineering Seminars are the great annual event the Association organizes. Recently the Association created a Notations Bank in order to enhance the students’ success.

Núcleo de Estudos de Bioinformática da Universidade do Minho

The NEBIUM represents students, alumni, researchers and bioinformatics enthusiasts, a quite specific area with a lot of potential, precisely why it was created, says Ana Alão Freitas, President of the Association.

The great event, coorganised by Bioinformatics MSc students, is the Annual Seminars, a well-known one at a national level which has counted on international participants.

Some other trainings and workshops in the area of bioinformatics are also carried out throughout the year, and yet “we have had an active participation and a very positive feedback by the academic community in general”, refers the President.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia Biológica

Throughout the year, the Association of Studies of Biological Engineering perform various social, cultural, sports and formative activities. In partnership with the Department and with the Biological Engineering Center they conduct semiannual interns, along with workshops that are “less formal so that it is easier to interact and create more dynamic learning”, says Sara Cerqueira, President of the Association.

Annually, the prizes and the Biological Engineering Days are also held. This nucleus increasingly notes the presence of alumni and other courses in the formations, which gives them even more motivation to work not only for the engineering they represent, but also for the academic community.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia de Materiais

“Bridging the gap between students and enterprises” is the Association’s most recent ambition according to Filipa Moreira, President. A better understanding of the expertise areas related to Materials Engineering is an important issue. In order to achieve this goal, the Association organizes workshops and talks with enterprises devoted to Materials in order to develop the practical component of the course enhanced by industry

The Seminars, the second edition of which occur this year, are the Association’s big project. Briefings sessions aiming at job recruitment are organized throughout the year. These informative activities are considered necessary for the students and are also a way of adding training to the great background of the course.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia de Polímeros

"Above all, we want to be always hand-in-hand with the students of our degree", is the way that Afonso Reis, President of the Associatin of Students of Polymer Engineering, describes his motivations and the reason for the creation of this association, which counts only with few months of existence. In spite of the short time, in addition to having accomplished various activities, they have already seen their effects emerge, namely in the reception of high schools: "we had students who were able to enter the degree and even contact us by message to inform us", he clarifies.

Study visits and complementary training are other projects that contemplate the activity plan defined for this school year.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial da UM

The Seminars of Engineering of Industrial Management are the great project of this association. The two-days event was filled with workshops, lectures and some surprises, where the main objective was to enrich academic and professional training. During the year, there are also other complementary training, but also soft-skills courses, skills that this association wage and recognize its importance for students.

The involvement of alumni of the degree in their activities is a constant, in order to foster relationships and networking. Solidarity and social responsibility also contemplate its plan of activities.

Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia de Telecomunicações e Informática da Universidade do Minho

The Students’ Association of Communications and Informatics Engineering organizes annually the Comunica+, an event that counts on study visits, “lectures on soft-skills, as a way to improve the performance of students as professionals, and technical workshops, to complement the skills of students as engineers”, says Nuno Tavares, President of the Association.

At the same time, and at least once a month, one of the activities described above is also performed in order to complement and accompany the degree lectures.