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EEUM’s digital art exhibited at Semibreve Festival Back

Friday, 10/28/2016   
MTAD Semibreve_1
EEUM's master students in Technology and Digital Art presented the "OoaT" digital installation in Semibreve.
Students from the EEUM Master Programme in Digital Art and Technology (MTAD) Diogo Cunha and José Ismael Graça presented an artistic installation in Semibreve Festival, highlighted as one of the 26 most interesting festivals in the world by the British publication Dazed and Confused.

OoaT is an interactive installation in which the subject uses movements and gestures to emerge generative visuals and sounds. It possesses a minimalist interface, being sustained by natural body movements. Moreover, any representation of the subject in the digital dimension is omitted. The objective is to allow a dialogue aimed at the progressive discovery of the interaction based on specific semiotics.

The inherent creative process of this work is based on the modelling and algorithmic implementation of an Autonomous System. Thus, an exercise shared between the author, the digital system and the subject emerges, for deterministic and inspired by nature algorithmic processes, resulting in an aesthetic unexpected dimension", the authors referred.

This artistic installation was developed under the integrated project during the first year of MTAD, in collaboration with engageLab, an ad-hoc Research Centre of ALGORITMI, EEUM, based at the Couros Campus UMinho.

The Semibreve Festival took place from 28 to 30 October in Braga, occupying spaces like the Theatro Circo, the gnration building and Casa Rolão. Organised by AUAUFEIOMAU, with the support of the Braga Municipal Council and Bracara Augusta Foundation, Semibreve asserted itself as a key event in the panorama of national and international electronic music, providing shows of some of the most relevant artists of our time in the field of electronic music and contributing to the scientific production of dissemination in the field of digital arts produced by renowned institutions such as the University of Minho, University of Porto, Catholic University, the Cerveira Biennial Foundation and Digitópia/Casa da Música.

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