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Project's name: HMIExcel - critical R&D in the framework of the development and production cycle of advanced multimedia solutions for automobile

The HMIExcel project was a structuring nature project, considered as a national strategic interest initiative. The project was a co-promotion between Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal and the University of Minho. HMIExcel embodied the largest joint R&D investment (around 19 M€) of two relevant national economic agents in one of the most industrialised regions in the country. The project aimed at developing global products, processes and innovative solutions, which enabled opening new dimensions in automobile mobility, revolutionising the relationship between driver, passenger and vehicle. This project considerably strengthened Bosch’s human and intellectual assets in the framework of its accelerated conversion process towards an innovation- and high technological intensity-based productive profile. It is expected that the qualitative leap resulting from HMIExcel allows the company to mark its position as world leader in new multimedia automobile solutions based on advanced human-machine interaction systems (HMI). The University of Minho proved its excellent capacity to act as an agent connecting university and industry and transferring applicable knowledge. In turn, HMIExcel contributed towards increasing Portugal’s competitiveness, as it enabled highly reputable national technological research, development and production to be presented to the world, comparable to other best practices in Europe and worldwide. The technological developments generated with the project will translate in international sales representing around a billion euros between 2015 and 2018.

Starting date: May 2013

Completio date: June 2015

Budget: 19.400.000,00€

UMinho's team: team composed by around 170 researchers from several departments and research centres, supervised by António J. Pontes (head researcher and UMinho’s general coordinator for the HMIExcel project) and Eduardo Bacelar Pinto (UMinho's head of management for the HMIExcel project)

Consortium: Universidade do Minho, Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal