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1st Cycle and Integrated Master Programmes

The application to the Portuguese public higher education system is annually promoted and scheduled by the Directorate General for Higher Education (Portuguese Ministry of Science and Education). Under the new International Student Status, created in March 2014, a new admission competition to the School’s 1st cycle and integrated master programmes is available. Please refer to the UMinho’s website for more information:

more info

2nd Cycle (MSc)

The Master Programmes of the EEUM are mostly constituted by 4 semesters, in which the curricular part corresponds to 2 or 3 semesters. The conclusion of the curricular part of the programmes grants a specialisation diploma in the scientific area of the programme, which is equivalent to a post-graduate programme.
View application periods for the master programmes

1st phase: 13th to 24th April (1st phase of applications is suspended. A new date will be announced soon.)
2ª fase: 10th to 15th July
3rd phase: 26th August to 2nd September

Email for more information:



3rd Cycle (PhD)

1st Phase: 24th   February to 6th March 2020 (to  start in  September 2020)
enrolment   1st   to   7th April 2020

NOTE: Doctoral​​​ programme in Informatics is not available in the 1st phase because it is awaiting dispatch from the new study plan.
NOTE: In the case of a doctoral program in Information Systems and Technologies, please contact the Course Director to obtain information about the application period.

2nd Phase: 10th to 15th July 2020 (to  start in ​ September 2020)
enrolment   29th July    to    6th August 2020

3rd Phase: 26th August to 2nd September 2020 (to  start in ​ September 2020​)
enrolment   23rd to   25th September 2020


3rd Cycle (PhD) (out of phase):​

1st Phase: 10th to   15th July 2020   (to  start in  February 2021)
​enrolment   29 th July   to 6th August 2020

2nd Phase: 7th to 18th December 2020 (to  start in  February 2021​)
enrolment   25th     29th January 2021

Applications with specific dates:
MIT Portugal Programmes (Bioengineering and Leaders for Technical Industries): more information at
CMU-Portugal Programmes: MAP-i and MAP-tele
Doctoral Programme AESI - Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry:
Email for more information:

The necessary documents for the application should be consulted on the respective website of each doctoral program.



Formação Contínua

Os cursos de Formação Contínua da EEUM dividem-se em Cursos de Formação Especializada (formação ao nível de 2º ciclo) e Cursos de Estudos Avançados (formação ao nível de 3º ciclo).
Períodos de candidatura aos cursos de Formação Contínua:
Cursos de Formação Especizalizada:
1ª fase: 13 a 24 de abril

2ª fase: 10 a 15 de julho

3ª fase: 26 de agosto a 2 de setembro 

Cursos de Estudos Avançados

1ª Fase: 24 de fevereiro a 13 de março de 2020 

2ª Fase: 10 a 15 de julho de 2020

3ª Fase: 26 de agosto a 2 de setembro de 2020​​

Os resultados de cada uma das fases de candidaturas serão comunicados aos candidatos em data a definir.

Email para mais informações:

Cursos de Formaç​​ão Especializada:


Cursos de Estudos Avançados:

Deve anexar, para análise, os seguintes documentos digitalizados:
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Cópias do BI + Número de Contribuinte ou cópia do cartão de cidadão
Cópia autenticada dos Certificados de Habilitações
Comprovativo de pagamento da taxa de candidatura
Outros elementos que a Comissão Diretiva do Curso respetivo entenda pertinentes e que serão solicitadas ao candidato aquando da receção da candidatura eletrónica


A taxa de candidatura (40 euros) é efetuada por transferência bancária para a seguinte conta:
Banco: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Morada: Av. Central, 4700 Braga, Portugal
Nome do beneficiário: Universidade do Minho
Morada do beneficiário: Largo do Paço, 4704-553 Braga, Portugal
IBAN: PT50003501710016732263015
NIB: 003501710016732263015
Número de conta CGD: 0171167322630
Referência: EEUM-Nome do curso/ Nome e Apelido​​

Continuous training

The Advanced Short Duration Programmes at the School of Engineering are divided into Specialised Studies Programmes (2nd cycle training) and Advanced Studies Programmes (3rd cycle training).
The application periods to Advanced Short Duration Programmes are as Continuous Training:
Specialised Studies Programmes:
1st phase: 13th to 24th April

2nd phase: 10th to 15th July

3rd phase: 26th August to 2nd September 

Cursos de Estudos Avançados

1st phase: 24th February to 13th March 

2nd phase: 10th to 15th July

3rd phase: 26th August to 2nd September

Email for more information:

Specialised Studies Programmes: 


Advanced Studies Programmes:

The following documentation must also be submitted together with the application:
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Photocopy of the Identity Card + VAT Number or Citizen Card
Authenticated copy of the Degree Certificates
Payment proof of application fee
Other relevant documents required by the respective Programme Director after receiving the candidate’s electronic application.








Application fee payment of 40 euros– without any charge to the beneficiary – is to be made by bank transfer to the following bank account. Please attach a copy of your bank transfer with the application form.
Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Bank address: Av. Central, 4700 Braga, Portugal
Beneficiary name: Universidade do Minho
Beneficiary address: Largo do Paço, 4704-553 Braga, Portugal
IBAN: PT50003501710016732263015
NIB: 003501710016732263015
Account number CGD: 0171167322630
Reference: EEUM-Programme’s name / Applicant’s Name and Surname​​​​