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1st Cycle

The application to the Portuguese public higher education system is annually promoted and scheduled by the Directorate General for Higher Education (Portuguese Ministry of Science and Education). Under the new International Student Status, created in March 2014, a new admission competition to the School’s 1st cycle and integrated master programmes is available. Please refer to the UMinho’s website for more information:

more info

2nd Cycle (MSc)

The Master Programmes of the EEUM are mostly constituted by 4 semesters, in which the curricular part corresponds to 2 or 3 semesters. The conclusion of the curricular part of the programmes grants a specialisation diploma in the scientific area of the programme, which is equivalent to a post-graduate programme.      

Application dates (school year 2022/2023):

1st phase: April 12 to 21, 2022
2nd phase: July 4-11, 2022
3rd phase: September 6-9, 2022

Enrollment dates (school year 2022/2023):

1st phase: May 16-19, 2022
2nd phase: August 1 - 3, 2022
3rd phase: September 21-23, 2022

Email for more information:




3rd Cycle (PhD)

The 3rd cycle of studies of the School of Engineering is divided into doctorates (tutorials) and doctoral programmes consisting of 6 or 8 semesters.
The application periods for doctorates (tutorials) and for doctoral programmes are different and are subject to the availability of vacancies.

Application periods:

Doctorates (academic year 2021/2022):


From April 4 to June 10 (disclosure of results until June 15 and enrolment between June 25 and 30)

Doctorates (academic year 2022/2023):

From July 01 to September 09, 2022 (disclosure of results until September 15 and enrolment between September 26 and 30)
From October 03 to December 09, 2022 (disclosure of results until December 15 and enrolment between December 20 and 27)
From January 02 to March 09, 2023 (disclosure of results until March 15 and enrolment between March 27 and 31)
From April 03 to June 09, 2023 (disclosure of results until June 15 and enrolment between June 26 and 30)

Doctoral programs (academic year 2022/2023):


Beginning in the 1st semester:

From April 12 to 21 (disclosure of results until May 11 and enrolment between May 16 and 19)

From July 04 to 11 (disclosure of results until July 26 and enrolment between August 01 and 03)

From September 06 to 09 (disclosure of results until September 16 and enrolment between September 21 and 23)


Beginning in the 2nd semester:

From September 06 to 09 (disclosure of results until September 16 and enrolment between September 21 and 23)

From December 05 to 09 (disclosure of results until December 16 and enrolment between January 09 to 12, 2023)


Applications for inter-institutional doctoral programs (with specific periods of application):

Direct Digital Fabrication

MAP-i (CMU-Portugal Program)

MAP-tele (CMU-Portugal Program)

Fashion Design

Email for more information:
The documents required for the application can be consulted in this document


Continuous training

The Advanced Short Duration Programmes at the School of Engineering are divided into Specialised Studies Programmes (2nd cycle training) and Advanced Studies Programmes (3rd cycle training).

Application date:
September 7-22, 2021

by September 23

Enrollment dates:
September 29 to October 1, 2021

Email for more information:

Specialised Studies Programmes: 


Advanced Studies Programmes:

Applications will be made on a platform made available for this purpose, on which candidates must upload the necessary documents for application:

- Brief Curriculum Vitae;
- Certificate(s) of academic qualifications (in a single PDF) and;
- Proof of payment of the application fee.

The payment of the application fee (non-degree course, credited), amounting to 40 euros, is made at Store UMinho.

The fees for the Specialized Training and Advanced Studies courses can be found in the document RT/C-113/202.